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Coming collaborations
Coming collaborations with the new Center for Antibioetic resistance Research (CARe) is currently being planned. This collaboration combine ethical analysis and data on practitioners behaviour and attitudes and will regard how person centredness may  be applied for public health purposes rather than clinical care objectives but in a clinical setting.


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Work in progress
Hartvigsson, T, Munthe C. Errorthrawling and fringe decision capacity. In submission.
El-Alti, L, Munthe, C, Sandman, L. Personalization and Person centredness: competing buzzwords or genuine companions? In preparation
Boman, Å, Bohlin, M, Eklöf, M, Forsander, G, Munthe, C, Törner, M. Health Care to Empower Self-care in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. In submission.

Leila is a PhD Student at the University of Gothenburg, supervised by Christian Munthe and Lars Sandman. Leila is a graduate of the American University of Beirut (AUB), with degrees in nursing and philosophy. She previously worked as a Registered Nurse and as an Instructor and Clinical Preceptor for nursing students in Beirut, and was also involved in two research projects at AUB. Her doctoral project has both an empirical and conceptual nature and targets ethics in person-centered care in the context of forensic psychiatry through exploring the concept of agency of a person with mental illness through the viewpoint of psychiatric practitioners.

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