Researchers in this project:

Greg Bognar is a Senior Lecturer in Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University and Senior Researcher at the Centre for Healthcare Ethics. Profile page

Sven Ove Hansson is professor in philosophy and head of the Division of Philosophy at KTH. More about Sven Ove
Anna Lindblad, PhD, MD, at Centre for health care ethics, KI.
More about Anna
Foto: Yanan Li, FOU nu Foto: Yanan Li, FOU nu
Elisabeth Rydwik is associate professor at KI, Dept. of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society, dDvision of physiotherapy. More about Elisabeth

Monica Enmark


Gert Helgesson is a lecturer and associate professor of medical ethics at Centre for Healthcare Ethics. More about Gert
Foto: Stefan Zimmerman Foto: Stefan Zimmerman
Niels Lynöe is a senior professor at Centre for Healthcare Ethics, KI. More about Niels
Foto: Lars Ardarve Foto: Lars Ardarve
Lars Sandman is professor of care ethics at the University of Borås and guest-professor at Linköping University. More about Lars

Dr. Barbro Fröding is a Senior Researcher and Docent at the Division of Philosophy at KTH. More about Barbro

Niklas Juth is a associate professor in medical ethics at Centre for Healthcare Ethics, KI.
More about Niklas

Christian Munthe is professor of practical philosophy at the University of Gothenburg. More about Christian

Karin Sparring- Björksten