Stockholm University

Greg Bognar presented his paper entitled "Catering for Responsibility: Brute Luck, Option Luck, and the Neutrality Objection" at a workshop at the University of Oslo on "Should personal responsibility play a role in fair healthcare?"

Greg Bognar is Senior Lecturer in Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University and a Senior Researcher at the Stockholm Centre for Healthcare Ethics (CHE). 
His main research interests are in normative ethics, political philosophy and applied ethics, especially bioethics and the philosophy of public policy.  He has published articles in leading journals on the ethics of resource allocation, fairness, and discrimination; on well-being, quality of life, and health evaluation and measurement; and on the application of theories of justice to climate change policy, genetic enhancements, and priority setting in health care.  He has particular interests in intergenerational justice and the challenges raised by age, disability, and demographic transitions.  With Iwao Hirose, he is the author of the book The Ethics of Health Care Rationing: An Introduction (Routledge, 2014).